Friday 4 March 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04/4/2016: Jodie Abacus, Eskimeaux, Fortunes and more...

I've had to do a lot of digging to find these underground gems. Love seems to be the big theme, even if February and all it's Valentines-Day-associated-mushiness is now behind us.


'Space Buffalo' - Jodie Abacus

Sporting the vocal swagger of Stevie Wonder and an instrumental that competes to be as funky as Jamiroquai, this groovy number is ridiculous amounts of fun. The lyrics even manage to carry some  depth – this isn’t some goofy song about an intergalactic bison as I expected, but a sorrowful observation on the struggles of finding love. ‘In this lonely league of love simply wondering what’s wrong with me’ he sighs in the hook, a sentiment that anyone who’s been a dejected singleton at some point can relate to.

'WTF' - Eskimeaux

What the fuck is a kiss anyway?’ Kissing is a bit strange when you think about it - the whole bizarre act of pressing lips together and sharing someone else's saliva. And yet, after time spent apart from your loved one, a kiss can be the most beautiful thing in the world. This breezy indie anthem explores this peculiarity.

'FKWTU' - Fortunes

WTF is it with all these sweary acronyms? Use real swear words FFS. Melbourne act, Fortunes, deliver this smooth r&b babymaker and OMFG it's heavenly (alright, I'll STFU now).

'Boomerangs' - Sam Carter

Even if the percussion is very messy, you’ve got to admire the way in which this dude is able to seamlessly segue smooth jazz sampling into rave stabs.

'Little War' – Spy From Moscow

I’ve got a new genre for all you folk out there – ‘Choirboy Grunge’. Introducing this serious new genre is this serious new song in which singer-songwriter Declan Feenan (AKA Spy From Moscow) sings hypnotically over a slow-burning instrumental. It ends epicly with flugelhorns. The hairs did rise on the back of my neck. I never even realised how hairy my neck was until this song came along.


'No Dubbington' – Matthew Dickerson

Time for some Australian politics. Matthew Dickerson happens to be the mayor of New South Wales town, Dubbo. Outraged by recent plans to amalgamate Dubbo and Wellington council, the mayor has decided to release this jokey protest track. It’s intentionally awful (that’s what they want us to believe anyhow!), but sadly not funny enough to make it so-bad-that-its-good.