Friday 24 July 2020

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 24/07/2020: Charlie Duda, Carmanah, Drake and more...

Drake’s new single ‘Greece’ is not the one - but there are lots of great underground gems this week.


‘I Don’t Mind’ – Charlie Duda

These are some of the jangliest guitars I’ve ever heard. On a jangle rating of 1 to 10, they’re 11. They’re more jangly than a janitor’s keys. JANGLE IS MASSIVE. The groovy bass and dreamy reverb-soaked vocals are a bonus. Fans of this track can hear more jangly pop tunes on the LA artist’s new EP Making Friends.

‘Stand Up’ - Carmanah

Vancouver folk-rock band Carmanah (who I featured a couple weeks ago) have released this new single about standing up for justice - while also cheekily telling those that ‘stand for hate’ to sit back down. The smooth and calm delivery is really what makes it so effective. To get angry at haters is to sink to their level – the best thing you can do is coolly dismiss them. The track is accompanied by laid-back guitars and pulsing steady bass. There’s also some cheery whistling towards the end.

‘No Friends Just Family’ – Shai Nowell

I last featured Atlanta neo-soul artist Shai Nowell back in 2018 with his smooth and summery single ‘Sunkissed’. This new track takes a more personal and hip-hop-oriented direction. Using a combination of singing and rapping, he delivers some captivatingly honest lyrics about growing up. It’s accompanied by a gorgeous piano-based beat reminiscent of Tyler, the Creator.

‘I Woke Early To Dial Into Some Sacred Frequency’ – The Mighty Orchid King

St Albans rock group The Mighty Orchid King are sounding excitingly more proggy than on the last single I heard from them ‘Swirling’. Parts of this track even remind me of Rush. The track comes off their new eco-anxiety themed LP, The Doctrine of Infinite Kindness.

‘Day by Day’ – Kyanna

Written during lockdown, this bittersweet bop from London singer-songwriter Kyanna is all about time passing and feeling like things are going nowhere. The way in which the catchy chorus cycles through the days of the week kind of reminds me of Craig David’s ‘7 Days’ (although the mood of each track is clearly very different). I’m also digging the upbeat soulful production.


‘Greece’ – DJ Khaled ft. Drake

Why does Drake sound like The Weeknd? Why the owl in the video? Why is he singing in French when the song is called ‘Greece’? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???